The credit for braces – more than an investment in dental aesthetics


The credit for braces is often unavoidable. Crooked teeth are not just an aesthetic problem. A whole series of physical complaints can be caused by crooked teeth. If you were not provided with a clip in time as a teenager, it will later be expensive.

The credit for braces – more than an investment in dental aesthetics


Few people speak to the smile with crooked teeth. White teeth are the ideal of society’s beauty. Hollywood stars spend more on their adorable smiles than would be covered in braces credit. However, if you see straight teeth only as an aesthetic ideal of beauty, you will not recognize the true effects of the misaligned teeth. The gnashing of teeth seems harmless. However, it wears out the bit unnecessarily and can even cause the teeth to break off. The credit for the braces then becomes the credit for the crown or the dental implant.

In addition to the stress on the teeth, other effects of the misaligned teeth can also be demonstrated. Chronic back pain and regular headache can result. Parents, in particular, should not take this risk for their children.

Teeth braces for teenagers are still worn by the health insurance company today, depending on the malposition ridge. The parents only have a share of around 20 percent. With a little luck, this sum can even be paid off in 6 installments at the dentist. Otherwise, a small loan is sufficient in any case.

Adult braces are an expensive pleasure

Adult braces are an expensive pleasure

Adults no longer receive subsidies from statutory health insurance. Only those who have taken out additional insurance, which is usually quite expensive, do not have to pay everything out of their own pockets.

However, nobody should feel too safe with their dental supplement insurance. Anyone who has had crooked teeth diagnosed by the dentist before the policy ends can go away empty-handed. Supplementary insurance has the right to reject the assumption of costs if the insured event occurred before the start of the insurance.

If you think a few corrections with the brackets, they can not be that expensive, you should sit down better. Only then can he continue reading. A classic, fixed clip for adults, without much “frills”, which costs about 4500 dollars.

If the malposition is dramatic, the amount can increase suddenly due to the treatment costs. Nobody pays these amounts so easily from the normal household budget. If there is no insurance, the dentists can hardly help with payment in installments. It is only in children that the dentist can credit the braces more often.

The most important things summarized


  • Crooked teeth are more than just a problem with dental aesthetics.
  • They can affect the whole body.
  • The good news for parents, the health insurance company bears 80 percent of the costs.
  • The credit for teens’ braces is under microcredit.
  • The braces for adults are really expensive.
  • The statutory health insurance companies no longer pay a share.
  • Private supplementary insurance companies know the loopholes so that they don’t have to pay.
  • Anyone who wants to have a fixed bracket made as an adult has to pay heavily.
  • An average fixed bracket costs around 4500 dollars.
  • The credit for the braces from the direct bank, which helps the teeth and saves interest.

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