The credit for the dentist – get that bright smile


Good Credit, The loan for the dentist is being sought more and more frequently. Cash benefits at the dentist have been cut down sharply since the health care reform.

Not everyone can afford supplementary insurance that actually fills the gap. Especially with families, a visit to the dentist can quickly go beyond the scope of the household budget.

The credit for the dentist – get that bright smile

The credit for the dentist - get that bright smile

The credit for the dentist is in demand a few years after the health care reform. One day, everyone’s ready. A simple filling is simply not enough to save the tooth. A crown for the tooth is inevitable.

The box office only pays a fixed subsidy today. If dental aesthetics are not to be left behind, private investments are required. Support from the health insurance company, even in cases of hardship, is no longer in the amount of the actual costs.

Not only in Hollywood are the dentists who recommend veneers instead of crowns. From the dentists’ point of view, the crown is much more damaging to teeth than a veneer and in many cases can be replaced by veneers. High-quality KL2 veneers made in Germany, they are even a little cheaper than ceramic crowns. Nevertheless, the health insurance company does not replace a cent for this tooth-saving alternative. If you don’t want to damage your teeth unnecessarily, you can’t avoid paying the dentist.

People who have crooked teeth and would like to correct them with brackets in adulthood are hit even harder. Around 4500 dollars can be paid for such a dental aesthetic measure. Very few can afford it without a loan to the dentist.

Are there any special loans for dental bills?


When the Good Credit fixed subsidies were introduced in 2005, the dental association announced special loans for the dentist. Nothing has come of it. Very few dentists can offer installments. The demand is simply too great. Hardly any dentist can afford to cover the total cost so long. Many people use the overdraft facility to pay the dentist’s bill. The overdraft facility is the most convenient option for a loan, but it is also extremely expensive. The average overdraft interest rate is approximately 13 percent.

The credit for the dentist is a perfectly normal installment loan

The credit for the dentist is a perfectly normal installment loan

The amount of the loan is generally within the framework of a small loan. Small loans can be found at low-interest rates with direct banks. The lending procedure for loan amounts of up to USD 3000 is also easy. In principle, it is sufficient for the credit approval to provide clean Credit Checker information and sufficient income.

At Good Finance, the small loan in the amount of 3000 dollars with a financing period of 36 months costs 2.78 percent effective interest. The loan from the Internet is therefore about 75 percent cheaper than the overdraft facility without long searches.

The credit for the dentist is inevitable sooner or later for people who do not want to do without aesthetic teeth. If you have to pay yourself anyway, you should think about alternatives. When protecting teeth, a KL2 veneer instead of a crown would be worth considering. When it comes to credit, interest matters. The best alternative to overdraft is always the installment loan from the Internet. The loan for the dentist as a small loan is about 75 percent cheaper than the overdraft facility.

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